Monday, June 12, 2006

June 12 of 12

Yippie! I did it! I wasn't able to get the bonus pic at 10 a.m. as I left my camera in my car at the golf course, but I got my 12 pics done! All pictures taken in the greater Columbus, Ohio area.

6.16 a.m. Wake up call!

7.45 a.m. Shorts or jeans? Either is appropriate for the golf course I'm playing at. The question is what to wear when the high is a good 20 degrees below the norm! -- I opted for khaki pants. ;-)

8.05 a.m. Fore! Loading up the clubs for a good ole' fashion golf scramble. (FYI - We played very good for us...we finished even!)

8.40 a.m. The open road! Actually, the road back towards the golf course. I drove past it on the first try.

3.15 p.m. Gas for $2.69 a gallon! Ordinarily this would not make me very happy, but I had just passed a string of gas stations for $2.95 a gallon! Anyone care to tell me what caused gas to increae thirty cents in seven hours??

3.30 p.m. My local National City bank branch. I had to try and find a deposit that was recorded as an "incomplete transaction" at the ATM Sunday afternoon. Needless to say, I'm a little ticked. I have to try back tomorrow after the checks are counted and if it isn't caught, I have to file an ATM dispute. The good news is that it was a work check, so I can track it if the bank cancels it.

4.25 p.m. You've Got Mail! Shape Magazine and various items of junk! Ooh la la!

5.05 p.m. The Supercouple Returns! Steve and Kayla are returning to Days of Our Lives so I set my DVR to record it again for the time being. We'll see how the storyline progresses. It's been FOREVER since I watched Days with any regularity.

6.10 p.m. A look at my gradebook. It was time for me to download student assignments. Fun times!

6.30 p.m. Just checking up on one of my favorite blogs to read! ;-)

7.30 p.m. Time to do the dishes!

8.10 p.m. My cell phone and The Broker. How I'm going to spend my evening. Talking to my boyfriend and reading a few chapters.

Viola! My first of 12 of 12!

I hope you enjoy!


Carla said...

All these years Patch has been gone and he STILL can't get that eye fixed?

Good grief!

Jennifer said...

That's not fair! only $2.70 for gas. Last I saw here in MA we were up to $3.03 (SUCKS)

monette said...

Gas prices are crazy! I live up near Cleveland, and I drove in from the Gulf Coast on Saturday, and was thinking when I hit Ohio - "Wow, $2.69 instead of $2.77, what a steal!" and when I went to get gas this morning it was $2.95!! I just about fell out of my car.

Elaine said...

LOL Carla! Too true.

I don't know what to say Jennifer. Like I said, I got lucky with the $2.69. It's $2.95 everywhere else like Monette mentioned.

Stupid oil! ;-)