Monday, April 23, 2007

Starting Again

I can't officially say I'm starting I never truly walked away...I just took a hiatus. ;)

I have participated in two half-marathons over the last few years. The Dash for Donation 1/2 marathon occurs every July in Columbus. I plan on doing it again this year. I improved my time the second year. I hope to improve it again this year.

That being said, cardio and training are important to this goal. I've been off the gym track for a bit...going sporadically, etc. So today I started back up again. I'm going to slowly progress to the goal of running 13.1 miles completely.

Today I ran one mile on the treadmill at a moderate pace. The other thing I hope to do is to improve my speed a bit. I have a tendency to start out strong and burn out quickly. So, I'm training to build up endurance. In that vein, I ran my mile at 4.3 mph. Slow, but I ran the whole mile. The goal for the rest of the week is to increase the distance incrementally. It's totally more mental for me than it is physical. What did Irina Derevko say, "Truth Takes Time."

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Dogeared said...

I've gotten fairly good at pacing myself to be slower than I'd like to start with. Mainly because nearly all of my routes involve a hill to start with, or within an early distance.

Pick a good song with the right beat. I find Blink-182's "All The Small Things" is a good tempo for me.