Thursday, January 10, 2008

366 Photos

My good friend Helen came upon this idea to take 366 photos in 2008. Several friends are also taking part, so I thought it might be nice to try and keep up.


1. Photos must be taken between 12:01am January 1st 2008 and 11:59pm December 31st 2008.
2. Photos must be your own, not taken from other people.
3. Photos to be posted in your Blog/Blurty/Photobucket (linked to), etc.
4. All images remain yours.
5. You don't have to take the photo themes in order, nor to take exactly one photo each day - many people work long hours or hours which mean few free daylight hours - you may find you cross off three themes in one day. Think of it as a photographic treasure hunt or quest.
6. All images must be original, not photoshopped - the point is to have fun and challenge yourself to improve photography, not how well you can correct your mistakes with manipulation (this one is reliant on people's honesty, but hey, I never PS).
7. No nudity, porn, or illegality!

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