Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Taking Control

For far too long I have let other things control my life. What I look like? What others think? Well, today I'm going to try and stop that.

I've always been very cautious about my dieting habits. I've always been somewhat embarrased by the fact that I seem to be on a constant diet. My friends tell me I'm crazy. I've already lost close to 100 pounds but it's this last 20 that is giving me fits.

I've done every weight loss program you can imagine. Jenny Craig (it works - lost my first 30 with Jenny); Modified Weight Watchers Points; LA Weight Loss. Watching what I eat and exercising has always worked the best. But lately, I've hit a plataeu. Nothing was working. So one day I saw an informercial for Body Victory by Marilu Henner. It advocates no diary, red meat or refined sugars and food combining. The first four days are focused on eliminating the Bad Fours - diary, red meat, sugar and alcohol. Alcohol is easy - I don't drink that much anyway. Starting with day five, the food combining comes into play. Fruits must be eaten alone. Starches can only be eaten with vegetables and proteins can only be eaten with vegetables. Starches and protein in one meal is a big no-no.

It's day two and so far, so good. I had a slight headache yesterday from the lack of sugar. It's amazing how sugar just creeps into all sorts of foods!

But today I resolved to myself, to take control of my life.

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